Switching to HTTPS

I've put my entire site behind HTTPS. I have been looking into the best way make this a smooth transition for a few months, and I finally put together a plan to minimize the amount of downtime and keep my site running as smoothly as possible. This was a bigger change than I had wanted it to be for two reasons:

  1. There is no way to host a static site on Rackspace Cloud Files behind SSL.
  2. Because I had my blog and main page on different domains, I would need to either purchase two certificates or a wildcard certificate to encrypt everything.

Finding Unused CSS Selectors in Chrome

We've all done it. Write a bunch of CSS, then decide later there's a better way to do things and rework everything. At this point, I usually just try to leave well enough alone because I've managed to get it to work, but to optimize a site it's important to make sure the only things getting downloaded are things that will be used, and a bunch of unused CSS rules flies in the face of that idea.

Putting Lipstick on a Pig

I launched rowdypixel.com and the accompanying blog last year in a hurry. I had started several different times to get something up and running, but always gotten stuck in the details. When I published it for the first time a little over a year ago, I knew I needed to do something quickly and just put it out there or nothing would get done again.

In the back of my head I knew I wanted to go back and give the site a nicer appearance, and now I've taken the time to actually put it into effort. The redesign for the main site went live last weekend, and over the last week I've brought many elements of that design to the blog.

New Project Cloud Files Monitor

Cloud Files Monitor is a new program I recently wrote to monitor my sites for unauthorized changes. It allows you to know when any of the files in your Rackspace Cloud Files containers have been modified and quickly restore them.

My Latest (ridiculous) Project - BeefCalc

Inspired by an inter-office debate we had one morning, I created BeefCalc to determine what leanness of ground beef is really the cheapest. The price tag says one thing, but when you take out all the fat, are you really getting the most beef for the money? BeefCalc answers this question forever.

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