Quick Tip: Run Web Part Only in CMSDesk

We've all had a point in time where a web part should not be showing up in the Admin , but it is needed in the final, published page. A scenario I often come across is where the user needs to be redirected in certain scenarios, and viewing in the Pages application causes that redirect to occur, making it impossible to get to either the WYSIWYG editors on the page, or use the design tab to add and rearrange web parts.

Kentico Import Undefined Error

The Import/Export feature of Kentico is one which we use at BizStream on a regular basis. It is by far the easiest way to move large amounts of data from one Kentico instance into another. In a recent project I have been working on, I was re-creating a Kentico site by exporting and importing all content, data, users etc. This site was very old and had been through at least 3 major upgrades of Kentico, so there was a large amount of data stored in this site. When running the import, I would get an error message when Kentico attempted to import version history. As the screenshot below shows, this error message was not very descriptive of the error that was occurring.

How Bad Is My Data Cap

I've been in the midst of fighting my ISP on the extremely low data cap that they provide. I don't pay extra for TV service, and the apartment is occupied during working hours, so there is a constant flow of traffic heading through my apartment's internet connection. I constantly find myself limited by the amount of data that is allowed under the cap, so I wondered how much I would be able to download if I weren't being artificially limited by the ISP

The resulting site is How bad is my data cap? Enter the speed you get from your provider, and how much data your provider allows you to download each month and it will show you how close you are to the theoretical maximum at your internet speed.

How To Use Gmail as Kentico SMTP Server

Gmail has provided SMTP access for years to allow people who don't want to use the web client to send emails. Although it is not recommended to use Gmail as your sender for high traffic sites or mailing lists, if you are running a low traffic site, or just want to test the email capabilities of Kentico, you likely already have a Gmail account and won't have to sign up for another service that you may not want to use long term. Follow along to see the steps necessary to get past Google's SMTP security and use it to send emails from your Kentico instance.

Limiting Event Log Notifications in Kentico 8

Kentico 8 already provides a method for sending email notifications when an error occurs. Although useful, the settings provided in Kentico 8 do not provide as much flexibility as I wanted to handle which types of items in the event log to send out a notification for. I have created a class that can be dropped into any Kentico 8.x installation which can be configured to send out an alert email for only certain codes and types of entries.

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