Quick Fix: Running Docker on Windows

Docker for WIndows is still in Beta, and the installation completed successfully, but when I went to run it for the first time it was unable to start. I allowed the installer to enable Hyper-V, but after rebooting Docker still refused to start. After a couple tries, I was able to make out the error notification that popped up before it went away, and with the help of Google and dasio from the Docker Forums, I was able to find the solution.

Home Lab: Early 2016 Edition

One of my long time hobbies has been programming and making projects that either satisfy my curiosity or scratch an itch that I may have. The projects that I host on my site are of that ilk. But another part of that hobby is an interest in the sysadmin and devops side of things. To help scratch that itch, I maintain a small amount of equipment at home that I tinker with and helps to be part of a smooth development experience. Tools included in this include continuous integration, bug tracking, and more. Read on for some details and pictures on the current state of my home lab.

Quick Tip: Visual Studio Clipboard Ring

I was perusing through Visual Studio's menu's and an entry caught my eye that I hadn't seen before. It was called Cycle Clipboard Ring. When running, Visual Studio keeps track of the last 15 text items that are stored in your clipboard and lets you cycle between them with a keyboard shortcut.

A simple Ctrl+Shift+V will cycle through these recorded items in your Visual Studio window.

MSDN article

Starting a new adventure

I am moving on to a new adventure in life. Today is my last day at BizStream. It's been a great run for the last few years. I've gone from graduating college, to finally being able to call myself a professional developer. I've learned a ton about best practices, working in a team, and how software development gets done. I've become a Kentico Certified Developer (versions 7 and 9), Xamarin Mobile Certified Developer, and have learned so much more than the certifications can show.

Kentico 9 Continuous Integration in GitLab

At home, I run an instance of GitLab Community Edition to manage my projects. One of the great features that led me to choose GitLab is the built-in continuous integration, allowing me to run CI on my projects without managing Jenkins, TeamCity, or a separate piece of software in addition to my GitLab instance. The Continuous Integration functionality added to Kentico 9 fits in well with my workflow.

Inside is a couple caveats that come with using the CI functionality, and a sample GitLab CI configuration file that will automatically run Kentico's Continuous Integration functionality.

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