How To Use Gmail as Kentico SMTP Server

Gmail has provided SMTP access for years to allow people who don’t want to use the web client to send emails. Although it is not recommended to use Gmail as your sender for high traffic sites or mailing lists, if you are running a low traffic site, or just want to test the email capabilities of Kentico, you likely already have a Gmail account and won’t have to sign up for another service that you may not want to use long term.

Step 1: Configure Kentico

Go into the Settings application inside of Kentico, and browse to System > Email

  1. Enter SMTP Server:
  2. Enter Username:
  3. Enter Password: yourgmailpassword
  4. Check Use SSL

Step 2: Send a sample email

You will need to send an example email to add an entry in Google’s Activity screen to allow you to let the server send email from Google.

Step 3: Configure Gmail

There are three places you will need to change settings to allow your site to access Gmail.

  1. Find the entry on the Google Activity Page from your server, and mark it as yours.
  2. You will need to allow less secure apps through to let Kentico access SMTP.
  3. The final step is to run the Unlock Captcha tool to ensure that Google doesn’t view the recent activity as a bot. It is important to run this step last, or you will have to run it again at the very end.


If you run into problems, look at the following things for additional areas where problems could occur.

  1. Turn off 2FA on the Google Account.
  2. You must manually specifiy port 587 in the Kentico settings.
  3. Make sure the Use SSL box is checked in the Kentico settings.

Written on July 5th, 2015 by Dan Walker

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