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Xamarin PCL Calling an ASMX web service from Windows Authentication

The core feature of an app I was working on in Xamarin was to gather data from a web service. This web service was created awhile ago in ASMX. After creating a class with SlSvcUtil.exe from the WSDL I imported it into the PCL, as I had for the many other times I had referenced a web service.

This did not work, as the class generated by .NET was not compatible with my PCL so I had to find another way to talk to the web service. I decided to use an HttpWebRequest to POST my information directly to server and read the response. This is easily done in a PCL. The issue I came across was the server being protected by Windows Authentication.

Dan Walker Now Xamarin Certified

After finishing up Xamarin University at the end of April, I took the Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer test today and have now joined the ranks of the Xamarin Certified Mobile Developers.

Xamarin University A Retrospective

This year I was fortunate enough to be sent through Xamarin University by my employer. I made it through the course and will soon be taking the test for Xamarin Mobile Certification. I wanted to write down my thoughts about Xamarin, and more specifically Xamarin University while they were still fresh in my mind.

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