Switching to HTTPS

I’ve put my entire site behind HTTPS. I have been looking into the best way make this a smooth transition for a few months, and I finally put together a plan to minimize the amount of downtime and keep my site running as smoothly as possible. This was a bigger change than I had wanted it to be for two reasons:

  1. There is no way to host a static site on Rackspace Cloud Files behind SSL.
  2. Because I had my blog and main page on different domains, I would need to either purchase two certificates or a wildcard certificate to encrypt everything.

To work around the first issue, I had to (sadly) move away from Rackspace Cloud Files. I’d enjoyed their service, and their support had always been top-notch when I ran into issues. I moved the site to BitBalloon. Solving the second issue took a little more work than just uploading all my files to a different server. I have reconfigured my static site generator to integrate more nicely with the main site and am now running it all off of a single domain. To ease the transition, I have set up 301 redirects for all the old links and migrated all Disqus comments over to the new URLs.

Running a quick test on SSLLabs shows that the connection is well encrypted.

In related news, I will most likely be modifying some of the projects I have made to help me maintain my site to support the BitBalloon API in the coming months.

Big thanks to Alexander Solovyov for his help with configuring gostatic to work properly with the new setup.

Written on June 18th, 2015 by Dan Walker
Tags: site, meta, https.

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