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For a project I have been working on at home, I was looking for a way to mark events on a calendar. There are a couple different web parts that could be used to do this already built into Kentico, but those web parts only allow me to display data that is stored in the content tree. My data was being stored in a custom table, and it did not make sense to move it from the custom table into the content tree.

To get around this, I created a custom web part which would create a calendar and display the results of a query (through a Data Source). By enabling the update panel, this has created a very smooth experience on the site for viewing sets of data in a calendar view.


Kentico 8.0+

Installation Instructions

Kentico has documentation on installing web parts from a ZIP file.

Setup Instructions

  1. Create Data Source

  2. Enter the Date field

  3. Enter Transformation for items

  4. Enter transformation for days without item (optional)


There are two places you can download the package:

Written on December 5th, 2014 by Dan Walker

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