Introducing Cloud Files Deploy Automated Deployment to Rackspace Cloud Files

Publishing blog posts has been a manual process up to this point. Cloud Files Deploy is a small program I made to help automate the process of publishing new posts to my blog. Details of the entire deployment process will come in a future blog post, but this program is a key part of that process. It copies the contents of the folder up to Rackspace Cloud Files.

This version performs a full copy each time it is run. It does not delete any files in the container, it merely copies all files from the local drive to the cloud. Future versions will be modified to only upload any files that have been changed since the last deployment.



CloudFiles-Deploy.exe rackspace_container_name local_folder rackspace_username rackspace_api_key


Source for this library is released under the terms of the MIT License. The latest source can be viewed on the project’s Bitbucket page. A snapshot of the source code for this release and a pre-compiled binary are released below.

Download binary

Download source

Written on August 15th, 2014 by Dan Walker

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