Home Lab: Early 2016 Edition

One of my long time hobbies has been programming and making projects that either satisfy my curiosity or scratch an itch that I may have. The projects that I host on my site are of that ilk. But another part of that hobby is an interest in the sysadmin and devops side of things. To help scratch that itch, I maintain a small amount of equipment at home that I tinker with and helps to be part of a smooth development experience. Tools included in this include continuous integration, bug tracking, and more. Read on for some details and pictures on the current state of my home lab.



How it Works Together

Everything possible is stored on the NAS. Things that are stored on the NAS:

There is one exception for virtual machines, and that is the virtual machines that I have set up for some friends to use as a dev sandbox. Those live directly on the server to increase their reliability.

I run a set of 10 different virtual machines for my personal use:

The NAS also manages offsite backups via Crashplan and hosts my Plex server. The 2TB drive acts as a parity drive, so the NAS has a total available capacity of 1.5TB. It’s not an impressive number, but for now it serves my needs. I have another 12 drive bays available for expansion once storage starts to run out.

The cabling situation reflects how the whole setup was not planned from the beginning and just piecemealed together. There’s no color coding nor do I have cables of the right length to do much cable management.

Power Usage

Est. Power Consumption
ESXi Host 100-145W
Router 90W
Wifi AP 6W
Switch 16W
Total ~280-320W idle

This power usage is verified by the Kill-A-Watt that all power to the rack runs through.

Into the Future

As time and money allow there are some things that I would like to upgrade in this setup. In no particular order they are:

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Written on April 20th, 2016 by Dan Walker
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