Obligatory First Post

I’ve read a few different places that every programmer should blog. I’ve long agreed with the reasons behind this advice, and to that end I have created a blog. This was back in 2007. As you may have guessed from this post’s 2014 date, that blog never made it to the light of day. Neither did the many later versions of that blog. I have built my blog over a dozen different types of CMS, from Wordpress and Drupal, to Mambo and Joomla (this was right around when they split apart), to even building a version in Kentico CMS.

In the end, none of these sites ever saw the light of day. The thought of putting my thoughts out there for others to judge would eat away at me, and I’d always find some little tweak to the site that would be needed before it was ready to launch. Time to be done with that. I have already made a big first step in putting up a very simple site about myself at rowdypixel.com. This site went live in the beginning of May, and so far it has gone as well as most people who have launched sites would expect. Nobody has viewed it, and the world has not come crashing down.

Hopefully with the launch of this blog I can get at least a few people to read it. You might think that even if nobody else reads this then why would I bother continuing to do this? This blog will serve another purpose. It gives me a place to write down all those technical tips and tricks that I find in the course of my job, but never know where to put them for later reference. This gives me a good place to write down the things that have helped me become a better programmer or person, and if someone else reads them and saves some time, that’s just icing on the cake.

Written on May 2nd, 2014 by Dan Walker
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